June 27, 2008

桜の花びらたちが はらはら。。。

Posted in AKB48, Chocolove, Classic Film, Hello!Project at 2:40 pm by aiwish472

I still like Hello!Project. I really do. But my interest in it…is not the same as it was a month ago, even a couple weeks ago. It could be getting old. I’ve mentioned in another entry that I get bored easily. Or it could be that I’m not satisfied with the current condition of Hello!Project, which is noticeable in a few very dissatisfied recent entries here. They often express a strange state of nostalgia that really never existed. You may also have noticed that I’ve taken on another interest: classic film and the actors/actresses from old Hollywood. But there’s more.

I’ve also found myself listening to more Johnnys, and even more AKB48. I don’t know why AKB48. Actually, no. I do. Their music is good. Even if they’re twice as provocative, and sell four times more sex than Hello!Project, I’ve really been catching on to their music. I also used to like Chocolove, but now I love Chocolove. And I couldn’t have loved it without…

Sayaka Akimoto.

I love Sayaka for one of the same reasons I love Yossie, Mako, Maimi, and Yurina: She has a lovely, deep, lets-not-take-helium-for-once singing voice. I don’t know much about her personality yet, or any other AKB48 members, but her version of “Chocolate” is the best of the three solos. [I also love her solo lines in “Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umareru” and “Mail no Namida.”]

Download Sayaka’s Version of Chocolate here.

I really don’t like the very high voices. There are a few exceptions: Mari, Kago, Nono, Chinami, and Eri. Look at all my least favorites: Koharu, Momoko, even C-ute (except Maimi) tends to annoy the hell out of me. I like kawaii, but it’s just too much. And by the looks of it, Hello!Project won’t be adding any more normal or deep voices anytime soon. If they do add anyone, it will just be more squeaky, whiny, so-high-it-makes-my-ears-bleed ones.

So Akimoto gets the AKB48 Awesome Award, okay?

Could that be why I’m choosing Johnnys and AKB48 over Hello!Project? Because they’ve become too cute and I don’t appreciate the singing? I still like Hello!Project, and Morning Musume is still the number one played artist on last.fm for me, but I listen to mostly the Golden-Era songs. And I often think about how funny it would be if there was a classic film version of Morning Musume. [Veronica Lake as Mari = WIN. And I can picture Lana Turner as Tsuji easily, for some reason. XD. Rita Hayworth would make a perfect Maki. I could go on, but…that will be another post, someday…maybe…]

But Hello!Project, regardless of the year, will always come back again. I’ll push my thoughts of “I don’t really like this anymore” to the side, and enjoy some Morning Musume or Berryz Koubou. And then I become bored again. It’s just the beginning of a downward spiral.

Once it’s all gone, what will I do with all the Hello!Project things I’ve bought? I know I’ll feel guilty for using so much of my and my parents’ money on things that I only enjoyed for a short time. Two photobooks, two albums, three singles, a single V, one essay/photo book, and a DVD. It’s probably around $300. It may not seem like much at first, but it’s money wasted. This is not to mention the countless hours and minutes that accumulate to days, months, spent just doing Hello!Project-related stuff. I was downloading music, watching videos, browsing through photobooks, watching Hello Morning, and so much more when I could have written a letter to a loved one, read a book, or studied.

A line from one of my favorite poems says: “The music won’t last.” Of course, the meaning is different in that poem and in this context, but the music really isn’t lasting anymore for me.

So I’ll move on. I’ll continue being a total wota (the word fits here) for old films, and my interest will grow in AKB48 and Johnnys. If I begin loving Hello!Project again, it will show. Don’t forget that I like it, because I’ll still write about Hello!Project here a lot. But expect more AKB48, and more film.

[Icons credit to Ogeecons. :D]


  1. Kar said,

    : o Don’t you mean KOJIMA HARUNA? She’s the awesome-mest from AKB48.

  2. kookyprincess29 said,

    yeah,haruna-chan rules!

  3. aiwish472 said,

    @Kar, Kookyprincess: I guess everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. =P You can like Haruna and I can like Sayaka. 😉

  4. Arbitrary Greay said,

    Yay for old movies. Judy Garland did everything better. I will look forward to your Old Stars=Hello Project comparison post. Cary Grant=Yossy.
    Are those two avatars both Lauren Bacall?

  5. aiwish472 said,

    @Arbitrary: Judy Garland ftw. =D
    Actually, I was thinking of Marlene Dietrich as Yossy since they both are sexually ambiguous…
    It was also going to be all-female like MoMusu is, for the purpose of making album covers and such. It would be weird seeing guys in dresses. XD
    But other than that, yes… Cary Grant would make a perfect Hitomi.
    And yes, both icons are Lauren.

  6. This a terrific post. Recently I’ve had some doubts about Hello Project, not because of the company or the products but because of many other fans who seem indifferent in the face of new and exciting horizons. You mention AKB48 as an option; yes, when I feel like Hello Project is drifting away, I pop on some AKB48 tunes and somehow that helps a lot. As for your superb connection with the old Hollywood scene, it appears many Morning Musume songs and PVs were originally drawn from this genre (especially the Buzby-Berkly costumes) and the songs are very much in the vein of US jazz and blues, post-Depression. Which brings me to why I remain a fervent fan — Hello Project music and concerts keep me from sliding into depression.

  7. aiwish472 said,

    @Radicalpatirot: Thank you for your kind comment. 🙂
    Indeed – AKB48 and Hello!Project are rather different, but they have so much in common at the same time: They express a wide variety of emotions and personalities. Of course, AKB48 is more angsty and adult of the two, not to mention the underdog. 😛
    The same could be said for old Hollywood, or even movies today (although I prefer the class and style of old movies, as you can see): There’s a wide variety of genres, styles, and personalities. And who could forget songs like “Mr. Moonlight” or “Nigiyakana Fuyu?” H!P certainly does seem to get quite a bit of its inspiration from the pre- and post WWII era. That’s not to mention all their 70s disco tunes…”Renai Revolution 21,” “Love Machine,” the list goes on…
    There are lots of Japanese and H!P songs that can lift any mood on any day. Even to those who don’t really like bubbly music. 😀

  8. Kitsuiko said,

    It brought you happiness then, so, I’d hardly say it’s wasted. You do what you makes you happy then and to look back and be upset at it.. well, you’re just doing what makes oyu happy now, and it always continues. Don’t feel bad over it. Just think of it like pictures of friends you no longer talk to – people that you spent a lot of money to spend time with at movies or out eating or such on, that you no longer have that feeling for. Something happy that happened.

  9. Julia said,

    So we’re going through the exact same thing right now. Less H!P, more AKB and Johnny’s. Heh. XD

  10. aiwish472 said,

    @Kitsuiko: Aww, thank you. That made me feel a bit better. The friends analogy is good.
    @Julia: Nice to know that I’m not alone. 😉

  11. Cat said,

    That happened to me, I’ve never been into boy bands and more specifically, boys who sing and dance choreographies, so I’ve never really been into Johnny’s, but I lost interest in H!P for the same reason you stated, lately, I feel like it’s really not about the music anymore. It’d just a product to sell to the masses, and sadly, the masses would rather have a cute girl than a good singer.

    I’m looking forward to your AKB48 entries! It’s nice to see more people getting into this fandom! And yes, Sayaka is amazing, her voice is too good, in the same vein, I would also recommend Takahashi Minami, Masuda Yuka and Noro Kayo, they all have very powerful voices, and not all that squeaky, you might grow to like them too 😀

    – Cat

  12. kookyprincess29 said,

    I Still don’t get bored at h!p! but I LOVE AKB48 & H!P A LOT! and I should make a sister blog about all akb,all the time!

  13. aiwish472 said,

    @Cat: AKB48 seems to be becoming more and more popular, especially with non-Japanese fans. I’ll search around for clips of Minami, Yuka, and Kayo, thanks for the recommendation! 😀

  14. hang said,

    yeah, i love AKb48 but i feel sorry to many members in AKB48, almost half of them always like back-dancers. This band has so many girls so i can’t remember all of them. Kojima haruna, maeda atsuko , rina nakanishi, and minami takahashi… are four members that I can remember. Because they are always in front …this is unfair to other members !

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