December 25, 2007

The “Good Things That Came Out of 2007” List

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1. Mikan – Morning Musume
Since it came out, Mikan has been one of my favorite Morning Musume songs. It’s catchy, fun, inspiring (you’ll get a chance!), and has a great PV. Everybody sounds great – new members, old members, the ones with strong voices, even the ones who need to work on their singing.

2. Tokaikko Junjou – C-ute

If it weren’t for this song, I would have never gotten into C-ute.

3. Yuko Nakazawa – Danna Sama

YUUKO’S ALIVE!!! I didn’t really care for this single, but it tells me that Yuko’s doing something. And I like it when cool members are doing things. ^^

4. Graduation of Hitomi Yoshizawa, Miki Fujimoto Friday’d


As much as I hate to see them go (especially Yossie), Mikitty and Yossie wouldn’t really fit with Morning Musume’s new style. I couldn’t picture Yossie in a furry chicken outfit for the second time (See: Onna ni Sachi Are PV and compare to The Peace), nor Miki hugging/eating cake/being happy on an album cover like Mikan’s. I think Yocchan is much better off participating in activities like Ongaku Gatas.

As for Miki…she never really seemed to like being in the group, anyways. =P (Maybe she should get her solo career back, she seemed to like that. But that’s another post…)

5. Junjun and Linlin. I love those two. They fit in great with Morning Musume, are very cute, and have so much talent. Forget about expansion – these two alone are great. I can’t wait to see them in 2008, and all the years to come.

6. Risa Niigaki becoming Sub-leader. I think Risa has a lot of potential as leader. She seems to really enjoy her work, and gets along with all the other members. Way to go Gaki. 😀

7. Morning Musume Tanjou 10 Nen Kinentai. This was a wonderful way to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Morning Musume/Hello!Project. All the members have a special place in the group that marks something big that happened in Hello Project history – Nacchi is the beginning, Kaori is leadership, Maki is the miracle, Risa is a magical gokkie, and Koharu is the not other miracle. 10 Nen Kinentai released some great music, too.

8. Tsuji and her baby! What more do I need to say? I am so happy for Nono.

9. Koda Kumi – Freaky. I like this song a lot. I also heard that Kuu is/was using this song in an anti-bullying campaign. That’s good to hear. ^^

10. NEWS – weeek. (Tokaikko Junjou #2) If it weren’t for this song, I would have never gotten into NEWS. I downloaded their touch album and a couple other singles, but nothing did it for me. Until this. So…now I like NEWS. =D

11. Cartoon KAT-TUN II You – KAT-TUN’s second album. I love how every member [except Jin-kun…=(] got their own solo song. Junnosuke’s, SAMURAI☆LOVE☆ATTACK, is best. ❤

12. YUI – CAN’T BUY MY LOVE album. Another wonderful release from YUI!

13. m-flo – COSMICOLOR. This has been my favorite m-flo album to date. There are some songs that I don’t really listen to that often, but nothing that I hate. The best songs on the album are Love Don’t Cry (loves Crystal Kay), Luvotomy (loves Namie Amuro), Picture Perfect Love (loves MONKEY MAJIK), and She Loves The Cream (loves DOPING PANDA).

14. Chocolove from AKB48. I love the people in this group (especially Akimoto Sayaka) and their songs (especially Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umareru). This group is sweeter than chocolate!


That’s the best of the best from 2007.


September 24, 2007

Mr. Moonlight II: Ai wo Kudasai, songs stuck in my head, and the air

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Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Mr. Moonlight II? Now, before you start in with all the “That’s a golden era song, the current lineup could NEVER pull it off,” please let me explain. ^_^

I think Linlin would make a great Abe Natsumi. Their voices sound slightly similar, if you listen to her line in “Onna ni Sachi Are.” Well, I think so, anyways. The cuteness factor…eh, maybe not so much. But that doesn’t really matter, ne?

I’m also thinking that Eririn could be Maki Goto. Eri has such a beautiful voice, and such a wide vocal range; I just love the way she sounds. She’s improved so much since joining Morning Musume. The sad thing is, she hardly ever gets to show it off. Just think, if Eri got this part, she would be able to really show her wonderful talent. [See links at bottom of page]

And of course, the biggest role of all: Yossie’s. Gah, if there really was going to be a Mr. Moonlight II, I would get sad seeing anyone in Yossie’s part. Nonetheless, I think Risa should take this role. She, like Yoshizawa, has some of the lowest, yet prettiest voices in H!P (See link at bottom). And like Eri, rarely gets to display it. Plus, Risa would be adorable in that suit. ❤ =P

The song stuck in my head right now is “Luvotomy” by m-flo loves Namie Amuro, but has been switching on and off with “Stuck in your love” by m-flo loves melody. And if I hear one more m-flo song today, I’m going to kick Verbal’s little meteorite ass to the moon! XD

As I got off the bus today, the air felt very different. It was cool and crisp, unlike the humid heat I’ve been experiencing the past few weeks months. The feeling reminded me of when I was in Vancouver two summers ago. It felt so nice, I wanted to stay outside for a while. But I had to go to math class, which didn’t bother me too much because I like math.

Eri links:

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