About ~Renai♥Writer~

Name: You can call me Aiwish.

Age: Older than Mai, younger than Maimi.

Location: USA


Artist – Maki Goto

Songs – Happy Summer Wedding, How to use Loneliness

Hello!Project members – Hitomi Yoshizawa, Ogawa Makoto, Maki Goto, Sayaka Kitahara, Yurina Kumai

Non-H!P artists – Namie Amuro, KAT-TUN, SeeYa, Rainie Yang (even if I don’t write about them often)

Actress – Lauren Bacall

Actor – Cary Grant

Food – Fruit, Asian foods

Color – Blue

People – Family

One Wish: World peace forever

Blogs: For personal satisfaction and to provide something interesting for others to read.


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  1. Henkka said,

    Hi there Aiwish! Could you tell me your email addy (or better yet, just respond to me in the email I put in the email-field above)? I’ve something Int’l Wota-related to ask you.

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