September 15, 2008

Celebrating One Year of Blogging

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It was one year ago today that I started this blog. I started Amasugita Kajitsu just so I’d have a place to write about Japanese music, my favorite thing to write about then and one of my favorite things to write about now. It’s still the focus of this blog, even though it’s not the only thing I write about. I’m pleasantly surprised that this blog has been as succesful as it is, and that it’s gotten the recognition it does.

Back when I first started, AK was called “Thoughts.” Yeah… I was seriously at a loss for good titles that day. A few months later, I changed the blog’s name to Amasugita Kajitsu, after my favorite Nacchi song.

I’m happy that I blog. I feel that I’ve improved in my writing ability, but maybe not. I don’t think I’m a great writer or anywhere near close to being one. However, I hope that by being able to write more about what I like, and not having restrictions or having to follow prompts, I’ll be able to get better as time goes by.

Between now and September 15, 2009, there is one thing in particular I’d like to improve on:

Write longer entries/be more comprehensible.

Sometimes, when I read what I’ve written – whether I wrote it yesterday or months ago – I feel like I didn’t make my point clear. I want to cut to the chase, but be more in-depth at the same time. Less beating around the bush, more “this is what I have to say, and this is how I’ll say it.” It’s great if readers think about what I’ve written, but I don’t want to leave them thinking, “wait…what’s the point of this? What is she trying to say?”

There are a few other things in addition to that, but I’m not going to go into detail about them. (It wouldn’t really make for a very interesting blog post, now, would it?)

So happy birthday, Amasugita Kajitsu. Ice cream and cake, anybody?


July 23, 2008

Blogging About Blogging

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I don’t quite know how to start this entry. There’s a lot of things I want to say, but they’re all jumbled up in my head and I don’t know how to set them up. I’ll give it a try: I’ve been thinking about this blog lately. Not just it, but you. You, as in, the readers of this blog. I feel like ever since I wrote that post about a declining interest in Hello! Project, my readership has just vanished. I’ve still gotten a few comments since the day I wrote that post, but the amount of activity I’ve gotten in July isn’t anywhere near the amount that this blog got in June.

My intent of writing this is not to sound selfish. I don’t write for readership — entirely. In a way, I do. I like to express my opinions, and then discuss the topic with others. That’s why I reply to comments when necessary. So to everyone who has commented, recently or ever, thank you. It’s appreciated very much.

I think that the lack of activity is in large part due to International Wota. No, no, I’m not trying to sound harsh or mean or superior, I merely want to understand something. The “桜の花びらたちが はらはら” post, also known as the one about losing interest in H!P, was the last one that was covered there, and it was on June 29. Has this blog been ignored because my interest in Hello!Project is dwindling? Is it because I write about things other than Japanese music? So only two of the entries this month have been J-Pop related. I like something more than J-Music now. That still doesn’t seem like a reason to ignore my writing.  I don’t expect you to mention all of my posts, that’s silly. If they’re not written well enough, okay, I’ll until next time. If they’re not related to Asian music, I don’t expect them to be covered in the least, and that goes without saying. But…what about the things I did write that related to Asian music?

Any other reason?

If I must, let this be the fork in the road. I’m hesitant to do so, but I suppose I could create two new blogs: One for music, one for classic stuff. Is that what it will take? I was hoping that this blog would see its first “birthday,” especially since September 15 is the day before another, more important, special birthday, but…

Please explain, someone… 😦

June 12, 2008

Thirty-one Thoughts on a Lot of Stuff

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The following is a whole bunch of thoughts. Or just random things that I wanted to mention. XD Some are serious, some are silly. Some are Hello!Project related, others are not. The links don’t always appear blue for some reason, so hover your mouse a bit. Have fun.

(636 words and 32 categories, 8 of which I’ll probably never use again! WOO!)

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June 9, 2008

Updates I

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Blogroll down for a couple days. I’m going to update it.

About page updated. Shorter and sweeter than ever.

May 25, 2008

True Life Seek Survey…

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Answers follow.

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May 4, 2008


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I have been neglecting this blog and would like to apologize.

In the past two months, I wrote only six entries, three in March and three in April – two of which were just pictures. (This wasn’t an ordinary birthday post. 😉 )

With the summer coming up, I’ll have more time and will try to write more often. I’ll also be starting a new series, so be on the lookout for that! 😀

Before that, I’m changing my theme and header….

Thank you for reading Amasugita Kajitsu.


December 28, 2007

41 has become my lucky number….

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I was looking at my dashboard and stats today, and saw this on my incoming links. I took a look at it, and learned that Amasugita Kajitsu is 41st on the list of fastest growing blogs! Woo! I would like to thank everyone who reads my blog for making this happen. Domo Arigatou Gozimasu! =D

September 15, 2007


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Whee, blog.

This will be interesting.

Now I have a place to ramble on about life and Hello!Project! How sweet is THAT?

And how I got the names “Aiwish” and “Thoughts?”

Aiwish is a mix of two things: The Japanese word for love (Ai) and a Morning Musume song, “I WISH.” It’s a play on words, really, since Ai sounds like the English I.

And “Thoughts – The mind and ideas of a Morning Musume Fangirl” is quite explanatory, don’t you think?

So…yes. This is all. ^^