February 24, 2009


Posted in Hello!Project, Morning Musume, Releases at 10:33 am by aiwish472

I think there's something wrong with Mitsui's chin...

Really? Has Hello! Project become so cheap that they can’t even afford a good graphic artist to make attractive album covers for them? I think a cat could throw together better covers than THAT. Of course covers aren’t the most important part of a single release, but it’s reflective of how much effort Tsunku and Friends™ want to put into their products.

I looked sort of like that when I first saw the covers, too.

I have only two things to say on the Naichau Kamo song and PV.

  1. First and foremost, making pouty faces does not make for a good PV. Pouty faces might be cute on puppies, and they may make a three-year-old look sad, but it doesn’t do anything on 15-20 year olds except make them look like idiots. Even you, idols. I suppose  that’s why Hello!Project idols don’t act very often – because they can’t look sad.
  2. The song is nothing new. It’s more generic Hello!Project; idols trying to be sad and angsty in a video and song (when we know they can’t pull it off). They can’t do that! They can’t act cute and happy for eight solid years, then try to be badass in a matter of months. Morning Musume has to stick with the awful personality they’ve created because that’s how people think of them. If they try to be anything else, it looks stupid. If they wanted to alternate between cute and angsty (like Ayumi Hamasaki, for instance) they shouldn’t have gone to such extremes in the first place…
  3. I hope that was understandable, it was a little hard for me to explain.

    In better news, Berryz’ 18th and 19th singles are pretty good. 😀

(Actually, those releases probably aren’t news to you. But they are to me. XD)


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