June 30, 2008

Again and Again

Posted in Candies, Music at 3:52 pm by aiwish472

The “Golden Age” of idols ended long ago. Alright, the 80s wasn’t really that long ago. Nevertheless, the world of Japanese idols actually started in the early 70s. So in 30 years, almost everything has been tried. It would take a genius producer to come up with a song or a style that hasn’t been shown yet, especially when during that golden age, idols would show up one day and leave the next. [And no. That genius is not Tsunku.]

I found all this out after I was listening to the radio one day. It was an online stream; I was able to find Japanese music. A song came on that I instantly liked. It was called “Haru Ichiban” by an idol group named Candies. Candies is — well, was — a Japanese idol group from the 70s. As I discovered more information on them, I saw their work parallel with that of Hello!Project’s.

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