December 26, 2007

Realistic Heartbreak

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Hello!Project would never work in America.

That sentence may have just crushed your little wota hearts, but it’s reality.

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September 16, 2007

Makira, SeeYa, Rainie, and Jolin

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If you didn’t know, Gocchin did a cover of a song called “Hips Don’t Lie” that was originally by another artist named Shakira.

At first I thought, WHOA. This is going to be so weird. The song’s in Spanish, and, despite that, Maki’s voice won’t sound good with it. But when I downloaded the song, I found that it was actually really good!

Here’s the MP3:

Second thought: I used to just like Korean trio SeeYa. It was just another one of those artists. But recently, I’ve been finding myself listening to them more and more, even the songs I used to not like. Sub-obsession? Possibly. =P

Two more quick thoughts: Downloaded Jolin Tsai and Rainie Yang’s new albums. I’m not really into either yet. They lacked something.

When I heard Jolin was releasing another album under the same label as she did Dancing Diva, I thought, ‘Yay, Dancing Diva II!’ But no, this one wasn’t at all like Dancing Diva. It was…so-so. Same with Rainie’s “Free Gate.” I loved “Ai Mei” and “Meeting Love.” This one was…meh. I hope within the next 12 months, both Rainie and Jolin release something I’ll like more, because they’re some of my favorite artists (definitely my favorite singers from Taiwan! =D)

That’s all for today. =)