September 3, 2008

Frustrations with Buono!

Posted in °C-ute, Berryz Koubou, Hello!Project, Hello!Project Kids at 6:27 pm by aiwish472

Not too long ago, zush over at Berryz Koubou International wrote about Buono’s recent fanclub DVD release. You can see that post here. While I don’t have any problems with zush or his blog, I am disturbed by the content of that DVD.

What on earth is “hip wrestling?” I have no idea as to what it is, but I’m sure there’s some sort of innuendo in there that wotas find irresistible. The members of Buono! are bumping each other in the rear end with the bums of their own. For goodness sake, they’re so young, and they’re doing something like THAT? I am absolutely astonished!

This “hip wrestling” is another example of Hello!Project catering to wotas. Okay, fine. So UFA knows who is buying their products, and they’re trying to make as much money as they can by selling what wotas want. But there’s a difference between making “money with morals in mind,” and “exploiting employees.” Exploiting may be too harsh of a word here — I’m sure they could be much worse — but there’s something wrong with this picture, suggestions aside.

I don’t like Buono! in general. Buono! can release ♥ ☺ ♫ ~kawaii~ ♫ ☺ ♥ videos, photos, and other extras like that, but when it comes to music, they’re the rockin’ badasses of Hello!Project? It doesn’t work like that. They should pick one style to sport, and stick with it, as all the other groups have done.

This is not to mention that as Hello! Project Kids (and not necessarialy Buono! members), I strongly dislike Miyabi and Airi, and simply detest Momoko.

Miyabi is one of the three members of Berryz that always get leads, so she ticks me off for that reason. I’m one of those Hello!Project fans that cheers on the underdogs. But at least she looks her age, and acts like it (for the most part…).

Airi gets far too many lines in the C-ute songs, but I’ve heard she tries extra hard. Kudos. I guess.

There are three simple reasons why I don’t like Tsugunaga.

1. Her voice.

2. Her actions.

3. Her looks.

Momoko has a  squeaky, excessively high, helium-infested style singing voice, and gets another 1/3 of the lines in Berryz Koubou songs. WHY? Why can’t Tsunku give Momo’s lines to a good singer, like… Yurina? 😀 Or Maasa or Saki. I would even love to hear more Chinami, whose voice still has a high range, yet is pretty and bearable. Unlike Miyabi and Airi, Momoko doesn’t look nor act her age. Sure, all idols act younger than they really are. But Momoko does this to the extreme. Jumping around and squealing and giggling… I don’t buy it. Even if she does look (and sound!) less than half her age. I can’t stand the fact that she’s 16 and looks like a six-year-old. She’s not cute, she’s not funny, she’s not anything except annoying.

How about next time when Tsunku feels the need to make a rock group, he puts together Yurina Kumai, Sayaka Kitahara, and Maasa Sudou? Now that would be cool. They could pull it off.

This is the final straw – Buono is officialy my least favorite Hello! Project group.


  1. Nice critiques of Momoko than the usual appreciation of her “Pixie” qualities. As much as I like Momoko, like not love, i see where you’re coming from. Another perspective of Buono is a breath of fresh air haha, seems like everyone LOVES Buono, and I’m one of them, but you make very decent points on your “frustrations”.

    Oh by the way, age of consent in Japan is 13 not 20.

  2. aiwish472 said,

    @SecondBlossoming: You’re right, Buono! seems to be one of the most popular H!P groups out there at the moment – I feel like the only one who doesn’t like them.
    Thank you for the correction, I’ll fix that. ^^

  3. Lizzie said,

    Wow! You are very honest.

  4. Person said,

    That is so mean of you.
    If you have bad opinions about someone, keep it to yourself cause it can really hurt people. You’re a mean person.

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