August 13, 2008


Posted in Random at 4:02 pm by aiwish472

Nobody probably cares, but this is my blog and I’ll write about what I feel like. XD Buahaha.

…I have 1,864 pictures in my Vintage folder. It’s 313 MB, but since my computer can’t handle that much, I can no longer open it on its own. In other words, I can’t open the folder in Windows Explorer and browse or open things from there. It just turns all white and freezes on me. D:

Instead, I must go into some program and use the open function there, do ye see?

I should organize it.


I like Junjun.


  1. jim said,

    You may need a new computer.

  2. aiwish472 said,

    @Jim: I think I do. XD

  3. Elinaaaaa~ said,

    JunJun likes banana’s. :3

  4. renaye said,

    junjun is cute!

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