August 6, 2008

A look back at…the 2001 fanclub singles.

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In 2001, the Hello!Project fanclub released 10 singles, known as the “fanclub singles.” What a lovely title for them. Each Morning Musume member had their own special solo single, containing one song and a message from the member. The singles get their titles from the members’ names, with each song title taking a few sounds from the particular member’s name. Apart from that, I don’t know very much about these. What I do know is that most of these singles are really good, and so I’ll be reviewing them today.

I’ll begin with none other than Yuko’s. She was the leader, after all. Yu-u-wa-ku. is a dramatic tune with some heavy piano in the background. Yuko uses her same nasal, somewhat breathy vocals, and it fits with the mature aura of the song. Although the song has a slow tempo, it is not boring at all. I think that of all the solo songs Yuko has, this is one of her best.

Going in order by the generations, let’s take a look at Kaori’s next. Of the fanclub singles, Anata no Kami no Kaori is the most boring song. It’s too mellow and drags on. Iida sounds cute, but it’s not her best singing. This is one of the worst singles, but it’s not my least favorite. We’ll get to that soon enough…

Nacchi’s single, Manatsu no Tanjoubi, is totally sweet, and therefore, totally Nacchi. According to the title, it’s about a birthday in midsummer…and the light, happy mood of the song reflects that. Natsumi sings well, as she usually does. I really like this song.

Next we have Kemeko’s single, Love Keisan Chigai. I would like to begin by saying that I love Kei’s singing voice. Kei is so underrated. Okay, so she does a bit too much vibrato from time to time, but at least she knows how to do vibrato is beautiful nonetheless. Love Keisan Chigai is an adorable song about a girl who loves her boyfriend, even though he’s not the type most would dream of. The sound of the song is good, but there are others that I like more.

Now, for my least favorite fanclub single. Marine Sports is Mari’s solo, and it’s a bit dissapointing to me that she didn’t get a better song! I love Mari, she is a really talented vocalist and doesn’t fail to impress me with her singing, but I really, really don’t like the country sound of this song. At least Gocchin’s single was better.

MAKI~~~. Gochomaze LOVE is really catchy, especially during the chorus. “Love love ga kuyashi GOCHOMAZE de!” After the first chorus, Maki says something. At first it seems like she’s attempting English, mentioning something about a very grand coffee cup? But it turns out that she’s not, unfortunately. Gochomaze LOVE is, overall, a cute and upbeat song.

And so now, we venture into the songs of the fourth generation! I’ll start with…Nono’s single, NON STOP. NON STOP is really repetitive in the lyrics. But it’s energetic, just like the person singing it. Although, I have just one concern: I don’t get the random dogat about 1:43…care to explain that, anybody? XD

Ren’ai tte Naani?, Kago’s song, is slower and less energetic than her “twin’s.” Unfortunately, Kago doesn’t show off her vocal range here like she does in songs such as I WISH or Hare Ame Nochi Suki, which is a little bit of a letdown, as this would be a good opprotunity for her to do so. Nevertheless, I like this song… Aibon is so cute when she sings. “Kago Ai tte, Kago Ai–tte watashi.” ♥

Yossie’s song, Yoshite, Yoshite, sounds like Gochomaze LOVE. Everything I said about Maki’s single could be said about Yossie’s as well — it’s catchy, cute, and upbeat. The only differences are the lyrics and the fact that Yocchan’s singing it instead of Gocchin. Oh well, it’s worth a listen anyways.

I always save the best for last. Rikai Shite Onna no Ko, which is Rika’s solo song, is my favorite of these ten singles. Rika sounds…kind of mediocre. But she’s Rika. That’s okay. XD This is the type of song you will be humming all day after just a few lessons. It’s the type of song you can’t help but drum your fingers on the desk to. It’s the type of song that you’ll have stuck in your head if you listen to it excessively, as I have done.

Yep. It’s one of those songs. It’s too catchy for words.

I hope you like the fanclub singles. I won’t be providing a download link here, but if you are able to find them elsewhere, enjoy!


  1. Elinaaaaa~ said,

    Rika’s is also my favorite~ \(^o^)/

  2. […] A look back at…the 2001 fanclub singles. […]

  3. Henkka said,

    Mmm. I’d say Yuko’s is the best one, followed by Rika’s. I feel like buying these singles one day.

  4. Max said,

    @Random dog noises in Nono’s: She’s famous for doing animal noises, and made all the noises in the song herself xD

  5. renaye said,

    i would love to hear their singles…. i have only heard of nono’s single … still hunting for them…

  6. aiwish472 said,

    @Henkka: That would be really neat if you found them to buy. They’re probably rare. Good luck! 🙂
    @Max: Ah, I see. The noises sound so real, haha.

  7. Matthew said,

    Yuuwaku is the best song on the fan club singles xD
    Second for me would have to be Marine Sports, the country sound was so cute for her! ❤

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