July 23, 2008

Blogging About Blogging

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I don’t quite know how to start this entry. There’s a lot of things I want to say, but they’re all jumbled up in my head and I don’t know how to set them up. I’ll give it a try: I’ve been thinking about this blog lately. Not just it, but you. You, as in, the readers of this blog. I feel like ever since I wrote that post about a declining interest in Hello! Project, my readership has just vanished. I’ve still gotten a few comments since the day I wrote that post, but the amount of activity I’ve gotten in July isn’t anywhere near the amount that this blog got in June.

My intent of writing this is not to sound selfish. I don’t write for readership — entirely. In a way, I do. I like to express my opinions, and then discuss the topic with others. That’s why I reply to comments when necessary. So to everyone who has commented, recently or ever, thank you. It’s appreciated very much.

I think that the lack of activity is in large part due to International Wota. No, no, I’m not trying to sound harsh or mean or superior, I merely want to understand something. The “桜の花びらたちが はらはら” post, also known as the one about losing interest in H!P, was the last one that was covered there, and it was on June 29. Has this blog been ignored because my interest in Hello!Project is dwindling? Is it because I write about things other than Japanese music? So only two of the entries this month have been J-Pop related. I like something more than J-Music now. That still doesn’t seem like a reason to ignore my writing.  I don’t expect you to mention all of my posts, that’s silly. If they’re not written well enough, okay, I’ll until next time. If they’re not related to Asian music, I don’t expect them to be covered in the least, and that goes without saying. But…what about the things I did write that related to Asian music?

Any other reason?

If I must, let this be the fork in the road. I’m hesitant to do so, but I suppose I could create two new blogs: One for music, one for classic stuff. Is that what it will take? I was hoping that this blog would see its first “birthday,” especially since September 15 is the day before another, more important, special birthday, but…

Please explain, someone… 😦


  1. HarimaKenji said,

    I usually thought that when a post I did wasn’t covered on IntlWota, it’s as if it didn’t exist. I’d get three or four people reaching that post through RSS (probably IntlWota staff) and the usual 5~10 arriving through my blog’s front page every day. Since I don’t know anybody outside IntlWota who cares for H!P, there’s nothing really I could do about that. I just got used to it.

    Truth is, I’m not interested in the posts about classic films, so I haven’t read them. But that doesn’t mean I’ve started ignoring your whole blog, and you’re still listed on IntlWota, so I’m guessing they also didn’t. You can’t expect them to cover every post you do though, even if they’re quality stuff. These last weeks I was a little worried about them, activity went down considerably (there were quite some days with only one or two updates) and their RSS feed broke… Now it’s back to normal, except the RSS. It’s probably bad luck your posts didn’t make it. Henkka’s fourth podcast and my answers to Bikkuri Project’s survey weren’t covered, and they tend to cover these types of posts… Just try your luck again =)

  2. pengie said,

    I’ll speak on behalf of myself here, not necessarily all of IW. But in general, we cover what interests us, what is related to Japanese music as a whole, and what we have time for.

    Links from IW should not make or break your blog. It’s realistic to expect a spike if you write a particularly good entry that is linked, but if you are confident that your writing is good, you should be able to expect readers that visit your blog regularly despite being linked on IW or wherever.

    IW isn’t ignoring anybody. There are not a lot of us who have time to post regularly, and no one works on the site full-time. We’re doing it for fun, and because we want quality music entries to get out there where people can discover them.

    Don’t put too much faith in IW. We’re not perfect, and things are going to get missed. But the hits from the site shouldn’t be your reason for blogging by any means. (Not that it is, I’m just saying.)

  3. maiZe said,

    Firstly, I just want to assure that International Wota hasn’t been ignoring you. You are still on our RSS feed list and we do keep track of your blog.

    On that note, please keep in mind that all of the International Wota staff volunteer their time and energy, and we do not ask for quotas on number of entries written, nor do we assign blogs to contributors for coverage. Basically, contributors write what they can whenever they have free time, on whatever interests them.

    Recently, the regular contributers been busy with things outside of International Wota, so coverage for your blog, as well as others, may see a decrease. We have a lot of blogs that we follow, and sometimes really good entries slip through the cracks, or take some time to get covered – I know I’ve been guilty of doing some write ups a week or 2 after the an article was originally posted.

    I understand that seeing a drop in readership can be discouraging, but try not to let it affect you too much. As for IW coverage, obviously not every j-culture related post of yours will be covered, but just hang tight and you should see some write ups on your blog.

    For a better idea on what goes on in IW regarding blog coverage, there was a comment thread back in April that looked at this subject in great detail. Hopefully that explains how we work a little bit better…


  4. aiwish472 said,

    @pengie, maiZe: I now understand now a bit more on how the IW system works, and it was good to hear from people with up-close, first-hand experience there. I don’t rely on links from IW only, but they certainly do help. The thing that was worrying me was that since I had been writing less about H!P, my blog was becoming a last resort, or something along the lines of that. Your comments and the recent trackback re-assured me that it wasn’t.
    I hope this post didn’t sound hurtful or demanding. We’re all human, and I don’t expect anyone to be perfect.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Yeah, exactly what Maize and Pengie have said, if it interests us, we do a write up, unless we’re lazy like me…

    And yeah, sorry we have been behind, everyone from IW has been extremely busy lately, and we try out absolute hardest to cover everyone and since Ray has been MIA he hasnt been able to cover everyone’s properly.

    Like all bloggers out there, we have blogs because we wish to share our opinions to the world, yes it having less readers can be a bit of a stab in the heart, but just hang in there.

    Lol mate, don’t worry about it being hurtful or demanding because other bloggers have felt the same at some point.

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  7. CJ Marsicano said,

    By my own admission, I sometimes wonder why posts I think would get covered by IW would not get posted. Lack of free time is an understandable thing (my own blog entry “On Blogging: Time Well Spent” refers to such a dilemma – and ironically, IW covered it when I didn’t think they would because I didn’t consider it to be directly J-music related).

    Out of the 18 posts I did on Stuck In A Pagoda since Ray took his indefinite hiatus, only three of them were not J-music related, and another was a test post for a theme I was trying out (that I didn’t end up liking). That leaves 14 posts that I thought would get covered but for unknown reasons, didn’t. Hence the part when you start to wonder what, if anything, you’re doing wrong.

    The last time I was in #wotachat I was asked by a couple of the contributors about the enka posts (The Vinyl Pagoda Project), so I do hope future installments will get some attention. (I have over a dozen singles ripped for that ongoing series and the next text for that one half-finished – my novel and wanting to give the Pagoda a major facelift has been taking major precedence lately!)

    I have done three posts on So Hot She Shits Fire (one a site update, two the usual fun over there – I feel really bad neglecting “my future second wife”) and that has not been linked to at IW since Ray’s absence – and that blog gets more clicks from IW than the Pagoda. Go figure.

    The links from IW are nice, but its actually the viewpoint of the person who posts the link that I’m interested in. I miss Ray’s POV (and sense of humor) tremendously, and I am always interested in the viewpoints of the other contributors. (I kept that in mind when I was an active contributor to IW.) We all want to know what our peers think about our latest writings, which is more important than all the page hits in the world.

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