July 17, 2008

The Thin Man

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I was a fan of The Thin Man before I even watched it. It was all because of Asta, the little terrier who you’ll fall in love with at first glance. Promotional pictures featuring him are just too cute. I don’t remember where I first saw or heard of Asta…it wasn’t in Bringing Up Baby, which was the first movie I saw that featured Asta. Regardless, I saw him somewhere, and looked around for more information. I came across an Asta fansite. When the site wasn’t talking about Asta, it was mentioning three things: The Thin Man, William Powell, and Myrna Loy.

Although I had become a fan of Asta quickly, I didn’t bother to find out anything about The Thin Man right away. Why I didn’t is beyond me…I was beginning to become a fan of Loy, too. I finally watched the movie after a joke about terriers and Asta at dinner one night, and I am so glad that I did.

A summiraization of the plot follows…not written by me:

Young Dorothy Wynant approaches amateur sleuth Nick Charles when her inventor father appears to be a major suspect in a murder case. In fact, Dorothy is so worried about her father’s guilt that she tries to convince Nick that she did it. Nick’s wife Nora wants him on the case so that she can experience some of the excitement herself. However, Nick is reluctant to get involved until he sees that police Lt. Guild is coming to the wrong conclusions. Nick decides that the best way to clear up the case is to invite all the suspects to dinner with Lt. Guild and see what happens…

The plot is interesting, fascinating (yet somewhat cliche-ish). The movie fits in to multiple genres: crime, mystery, and comedy. It’s got a great script with plenty of memorable lines. It was a little difficult to follow at some parts, but the humor masked that…I got plenty of laughs while watching this movie. Besides, the plot is not the best thing about The Thin Man: The best aspect of this movie is the acting.

(Click thumbnail to enlarge)

Nick Charles, played by William Powell, is a quick detective who is always ahead of the police. Powell plays Nick excellently, showing all the qualities Mr. Charles should have in this movie: charisma, humor, and intelligence, to name a few. I would like to see more movies starring Powell.

Myrna Loy does a fantastic job as Nora Charles. She’s adorable. I love Nora/Myrna’s humorous lines and cuteness, which is clear in scenes such as in the ones where she wrinkles her nose. While she’s at her best during the comedy parts, Myrna plays dramatic roles perfectly as well.

Nick and Nora are great on their own, but together, it’s a masterpiece. After watching this movie, there is no doubt in my mind that they are becoming one of my favorite movie couples. The Charles’ are not your typical movie husband and wife. They’re offbeat, fun, and joke with each other often. You’d think Loy and Powell are actually married while watching this film. Watching the two of them together is a blast.

It wouldn’t be fair of me to give this movie such a high review without giving credit to the one who made me watch it in the first place. Asta was what I expected: a fabulous little terrier who does everything it’s supposed to. (Here’s looking at you, dog.)

I would also like to acknowledge the guy who calls his mother on Christmas because he was the most amusing, random character in the whole movie.

Overall, I would give The Thin Man an A. The acting was too good and the script too funny to not love. I hope to see the other movies in The Thin Man series soon, as well as the non-Thin Man movies starring Powell and Loy together.


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