June 21, 2008

A Music Survey, 夏の歌。

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(Thank you for this, Misa. I’ve been inspired to write, and write about something J-Pop related too!)

1. What was the first Japanese song that you ever listened to?

“Playboy Playgirl” by Pizzicato Five was my first Japanese song ever, but my first H!P song was “Ne~e?” by Aya Matsuura.

2. Did it inspire you to like that group/singer, or did it turn you away?

I liked them for a long time, but I don’t like P5 anymore. And I still love Ayaya!

3. What is the one song that you have been listening to for the longest time?

“Some Boys! Touch” by Maki Goto.

4. What group/singer have you liked the longest?

Aya Matsuura, probably. She was one of the first artists that I got into, as mentioned, and I still like her today.

5. What is the song with the most plays on your itunes/media player?

“Some Boys! Touch” by Maki Goto with 188 plays. It’s followed by “Melodies” by GAM (108), and then Glass no Pumps by Maki Goto (92).

6. Is that song your favorite?

I really like “Some Boys,” but it’s not my favorite.

7. If not, what is?

“Happy Summer Wedding” by Morning Musume and “How to use Loneliness” by Maki Goto are my favorite songs.

8. Is there any one group that you can listen to all/most of the songs by? If so, who?

Maki Goto. I love her and her music, so I’m really happy that she’s back in the music business! I hate to go off topic, but we got our wish. Maki’s with Avex now~

9. What is your favorite agency?

I have a love/hate relationship with UFA. I also like Avex.

10. What is your favorite group/singer?

Maki Goto and Morning Musume in Hello!Project, but outside of Hello!Project my favorites are Namie Amuro and KAT-TUN, and outside of J-Music it’s SeeYa (Korean) and Rainie Yang (Chinese).

Survey ends here.


It’s June 21! Do you know what that means? It’s the first day of summer! Okay, so it started for most of us a long time ago, whether that was when we got out of school, or when we went on vacation, or when it started to get really, really hot. I’m going to heat up your summer even more with 5 summer-inspired Hello!Project songs. 😀

1. Summer Reggae Rainbow (7-nin Matsuri, 2001 shuffle unit)

Out of the three 2001 shuffle songs, this one is probably the most unique. Hello!Project reggae? Brilliant! I love the part in the video where they slide down the rainbow, it’s so cute.

2. Manatsu no Kousen – Morning Musume

THIS SONG NEEDS MORE LOVE. It seems to get a lot of hate. “Manatsu no Kousen” was the original Hello!Project happy-bubbly-cute song. Of course, compared to now, it seems like a rather mild pop song. But it’s so cheery and happy, it can make even the brightest of summer days brighter. (Did that make sense?)

3. Yeah! Meccha Holiday – Aya Matsuura

This was one of my first Aya songs, and remains a favorite today. “Yeah! Meccha Holiday” is good for all those crazy summer days…

4. Tropical Koishiteru – Aya Matsuura

Aya just seems to love summer, doesn’t she? There’s this, the song mentioned above, “Good Bye Natsuo…” And that’s okay, Ayaya. Your summer songs are the best.

Tropical Koishiteru was Aya’s second single. It’s very upbeat and happy, just like all the other songs on this list. So far. Until now:

5. Natsu Remember You – Berryz Koubou

We don’t see Berryz ballads very often. It’s so touching, from what I understand. Words like “Yasashii egao” (sweet smile), “Samishii namida” (sad tears), and “Itsumade mo wasurenai” (Forever, I’ll never forget) makes the song seem like it’s about a heartbreaking summer love that will never be forgotten. You can still capture the loveliness of the song even without knowing the words. Aww.

I bid you all a great summer! Just three more months until autumn. 😀 XD

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