June 21, 2008

There is never a wrong place to share a Rita Hayworth. (II!)

Posted in Random, Rita Hayworth at 1:46 am by aiwish472

Or lots and lots of Rita Hayworth. Because she’s awesome. ♥

I promise I’ll make an actual post soon. I’m just lacking inspiration right now. Baaa here’s some Rita.

She’s on ur skis, wearin ur mittens.


Don’t confuse teh love goddess! D:

The puppy is not the cutest thing in that picture.

Hair defies gravity?


You’ve been Hayworth’d. And that’s a good thing.

This picture does not need a caption. It’s perfect. ^_^

Pictures credit to this website. Check it out for more images and tons of other information on Rita!

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  1. кɑ̃ɨ ɑ̃ɯɑ̃ʂɛ̃ said,

    and yet she had no idea that anyone would ever define her as “kawaii”.

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