June 12, 2008

Thirty-one Thoughts on a Lot of Stuff

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The following is a whole bunch of thoughts. Or just random things that I wanted to mention. XD Some are serious, some are silly. Some are Hello!Project related, others are not. The links don’t always appear blue for some reason, so hover your mouse a bit. Have fun.

(636 words and 32 categories, 8 of which I’ll probably never use again! WOO!)

  • WHAT IS UP WITH THAT HAROMONI@ EPISODE WITH MAKO. She was there for only a minute! I was looking forward to much more than that. She’s so under appreciated. -_-
  • Speaking of things coming back, I brought back my blogroll.
  • I don’t like the new Berryz song. It’s just…blaaah.
  • Why wasn’t Miyabi fired or suspended? It’s not fair that they punish Yaguchi, Miki, Kago, and Nacchi, but leave Miyabi alone. *angry*
  • When will new information on the Milky Way contest come out? Hopefully…soon. I mean, people have to design entries, submit them, a winner must be chosen, the costumes must be designed, then there must be the regular making of the single and PV…all by October. I wouldn’t be surprised if the release was pushed back.
  • I have a feeling MoMusu will release their ninth album soon. They tend to release one album every four singles, so it’s about time.
  • I love the recent KAT-TUN release. Maybe I’ll review it later.
  • I wonder if I’ll stick to that plan. I’m not good at saying what I’ll write next. Like that series that I was going to start, and then when I said I would write about Cinderella/Complex, I didn’t do it. It’s a bad trait, yes. 😦 But I prefer being free in my writing.
  • Ongaku Gatas kind of went poof. Possibly. UFA might have realized that they just don’t have a lot of potential. Gatas is good, but music Gatas…mm, not really.
  • Something is terribly wrong with this picture.
  • Wait. Did…did Koha dye her hair? Now she’s even scarier. D:
  • Look! It’s Konkon! She looks like a princess, sort of. This should make up for scary Kusumi.
  • AWW, A LAMB.
  • I find this picture amazingly KAWAII. (Just a note: My opinions on what’s kawaii is often very different from most other people. XD)
  • Bananas! In pajamas! Are coming down the stairs!
  • I’ll stop linking to pictures now.
  • Yuuka reminds me of Momoko. There’s just one difference: I like Yuuka. XD
  • Noto Arisa draws people well.
  • Crap, I linked to a picture again. XD Well, while I’m at it, take a look at this and this. 😀 (They’ll hopefully make up for that Momoko comment. :P)
  • Yes, that second picture is Yuko.
  • Speaking of which, it’s about time for Yuko’s yearly single! Not really, it hasn’t been a year yet. But it should be. D: And Yuko should get more than one single a year.
  • I MISS BIYUUDEN. Even if their final single wasn’t what it could have been. They should have gotten their own song, not done a cover of a MM one. Sure, all the members got a solo song, but we said farewell to Biyuuden: the group, didn’t we?
  • Aww, cheer up! I know it’s sad that they’re gone. Maybe this bunny will help.
  • I make such stupid comics. XD
  • The B-Side to Cinderella/Complex is really neat. It would be a good para-para song…haha.
  • They look so sweet together!
  • If you don’t like your computer, you can always eat it. But boy, you have a lot of seaweed to eat. XD
  • Why do Mac owners hate their computers? It seems like every Mac owner I’ve talked to say they like Windows more. And look, a lot of Windows owners like Macs. The grass is always greener on the other side, I suppose.
  • Berryz Berryz Berryz Berryz Berryz Berryz C-ute. Parody of Duck-duck-goose. C-ute isn’t bad, it just sounds better that way. 😛

That is all. 🙂



  1. I suspect the reason Miyabi wasn’t punished could be that it was someone else who looked like Miyabi in those pictures/videos. After all, none of it appeared in Friday or the other junk gossip magazines, and you know they’d jump at the chance to talk about it if it was true.

    Love, Charmy

  2. Julia said,

    …That was an awesome blog entry. =D

  3. Yoshimi said,

    Damn, Yuko looks fine in that picture. I bet that’s from her first PB. And Gocchin! I want her to come back soon, she’s got me really anxious since she started doing those krumping lessons in L.A. a month ago.

  4. Arbitrary Greay said,


  5. I use Mac OS X and I do not like Windows more. I also use Linux (Ubuntu 8.04), and depending on the time of day, I might like Linux or Mac more. But Windows is awful.

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