June 3, 2008


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IF YOU ARE A MIYABI FAN, DON’T READ THIS. Instead, pay attention to this collage of kawaii overload which contains bunnies, puppies, bears, Hello!Project Eggs, Berries, C-ute, Morning Musume, classic film stars (the ones shown ARE kawaii, well, just in the pictures used, so not really…la la la… if you’re bothered by it look at the snowy owl), a duck with a lamb, kirigumi, Kamenashi Kazuya, Curious George, and yes, a snowy owl. 😀 Click to see the full picture.

But that’s not KAWAII compared to these…

Ahem. Yes, it’s an overload…

Ha ha ha. So, Miyabi has got herself in a little scandal now, hasn’t she? As terrible as this sounds, I hope she’s caught and fired. I love Berryz, but it’s hardly a group. It’s three and a half leads with a few others in the back. Always. So if Miyabi’s fired, then maybe Yurina will be made a lead as often as Risako/Momoko/Miyabi is, and then Chinami, Maasa, and Saki can get lots of attention as well. In my dreams, Risako and Momoko would be pushed to the back, but…that’s not really likely…

However, I think the no-boyfriend rule sucks to begin with. Someone on Hello!Online commented about how it can effect the psychological status of these growing girls, and it dawned on me and saddened me to read that.


  1. jim said,

    I’d probably agree/not care if not for Buono.

    I mean, these girls have to learn from their elders. The ones who knew how to sneak around!

    That Mari pic makes everything ok forever.

  2. Elinaaaaa~ said,

    I’m ok with them having boyfriends as long as is not someone from Johnny’s. XD
    Like I was more shocked that Inoo Kei is dating… Miyabi. But there’s no proof that it’s Inoo Kei. :/
    If I would be Miyabi, I would hide from the crazy JE fangirls. XD
    I’m glad that it’s not Takaki or Hikaru who Miyabi is dating.
    Or anyone from NewS, KAT-TUN or Arashi…
    Miyabi dating someone from Arashi would be sooo wrooong. XD
    They are much older. And so are KAT-TUN and NewS.

    That ganguro has a really “kawaii” cow suit. ❤

  3. Arbitrary Greay said,

    Katherine Hepburn in Holiday! Insta-win.
    Okay, I can identify all of the old stars except for the one in color center-left. Who is she?

  4. aiwish472 said,

    @Arbitrary: I believe you’re referring to Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Next to her is Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, and below her is Lauren Bacall in Key Largo.

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