May 25, 2008

True Life Seek Survey…

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Answers follow.

· Why do you blog?

I don’t know why, really. I like to write, and I like to write about subjects that I am passionate about.
· What long-term goals do you hope to accomplish, if any at all?
In blogging? I want to write something that people enjoy reading. Something that makes them feel good about Hello!Project, something worthwhile, and something that makes them think.
· Where does your blog fail to meet your goals?
From time to time, I feel like what I write is boring. I wonder to myself, “Who would want to read something I write?” Sometimes, I don’t think that my entries are laid out well.
· If you do have goals, what will accomplishing them do for yourself?
Personal satisfaction, I suppose…
· What do you want to gain out of blogging? A creative outlet? Praise from others? Personal satisfaction? Money?
See above. A creative outlet, praise, and personal satisfaction…
· Do you feel that your blog should meet a requirement for amount of entries? Do you feel any particular entry should be a certain length?
I don’t feel a requirement for an amount of entries, but I think I should blog more often. I also feel like my entries should be longer; more thought out.
· For any particular entry, what motivates you to start and finish blog posts?
Just…the feeling that I could accomplish something motivates me. Also, when people read my blog, they inspire me to continue writing.
· Do you actively consider long term goals for each individual post?
No, not unless I’m writing a series. In that case, I want to continue writing the series.

Subject Material:
· What do you blog about?
Hello!Project and sometimes other J-Pop.
· Would you be keep a blog even if it wasn’t about the subjects you tend to cover?
I’m not sure. Possibly.
· Do you write about the material to promote it to others?
No. I write it for the enjoyment of others, not to promote it. But if someone reads about a certain H!P member on my blog and says, “Oh, they sound pretty cool, I think I’ll try to learn more about them,” then good for them. It’s always nice to have a fresh, new intrest.
· How much do you care about readership?

I care about readership a lot. As mentioned, it’s the pageviews and the comments that inspire me to keep going.
· Does it satisfy you to know people are reading, even if they don’t comment?
Yes, I love looking at the statistics. XD
· What effect does receiving a comment have on you?
I feel like it made a reader think about what I wrote, or in other cases, I feel happy that someone agrees with me.
· Do you write with a particular audience in mind or an unspecified general audience? Why?
Yes, the wotas Hello!Project fans.
· If you write for a particular audience, is it International Wota? If yes, why?
Yes, there are many H!P fans at International Wota.

Community: (The International Wota section)
· If International Wota didn’t exist, would you blog?
· When IW covers an entry of yours, are you encouraged to blog more or less?
More. If it is mentioned at IW, I am happy it’s getting out in the open and people are going to read it.
· When IW does not cover an entry, are you encouraged to blog more or less?
Less. I’ve written entries at Amasugita Kajitsu that haven’t been mentioned (the Hitomi birthday entry) or that haven’t been mentioned for weeks later (Tokkaiko Junjou). Then, I feel like the entries were not good enough to be mentioned.
· How often do you read other blogs?
Usually around the time that I make a blog post. I’ll check IW constantly to see if my recent post has been mentioned, and get distracted by the fabulous other bloggers there. 😉
· How often do you comment on other blogs?
I comment whenever I feel the need to. XD I comment somewhat often.
· If another blog covers a topic that you wanted or wished to cover, do you still blog about that specific topic? Why or why not?
Yes. Although I worry that the person who wrote about it first will think I’m copying them, they didn’t copyright the topic. I’ll still write about it.
· How serious is your attitude towards blogging? Do you consider it just as something to do for fun?

It’s serious, but laid-back at the same time.
· How often do you blog? How often would you like to blog?
I don’t blog as often as I think I should. Last month, I only made three entries. I would like to blog about twice a week.
· What priorities do you or have you put aside in order to blog? Why?
The reason why I haven’t been blogging much lately is because I’ve put higher priorities first. If I have schoolwork or other personal matters to deal with, then I do that, of course. Blogging isn’t a top priority to me (even though I would like to do it more often).
· Do you see yourself blogging in 6 months? Why or why not?
I don’t know…it depends on whether I still like Hello!Project or not. If I don’t like Hello!Project anymore, maybe I’ll blog about other things.
· Would you say you blog for yourself?
Yes and no.
· What is your feeling after posting an entry? Is it relative to the time and effort you put in an entry?
I feel like I accomplished something. It’s like I did something creative and something that was interesting for people with an interest in Hello!Project (or whatever the topic is) to read about.
· What needs does blogging fulfill?
A need for creativity, I guess.
· Do you consider yourself a writer?
· Do you consider yourself good at writing? Good at blogging?
My English teachers have told me that I’m good at writing for as long as I can remember, and getting the letter accepting me into English honors a couple weeks ago just reassured that. But I often feel like I could do a much better job at writing.
· How much of your personal life do you share on your blog? If none, why do you leave this out?
I include very, very little of my personal life. I think that the only time I included details about my personal life was when I wrote the post about J-Pop in America.
I don’t include my personal life because I don’t want it on the internet where everyone can read about it (even though I don’t have anything to hide, XD).

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