May 9, 2008

How to use EGAO

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Isn’t one of the greatest features of a person their smile? There are a lot of lovely smiles in Hello!Project. At the same time, there are some that are…not so nice. Today, I’m going to write about the best (and worst) smiles in Hello!Project. Don’t worry, there are more good than bad!

  • Kikkawa Yuu ~ Among the Eggs, Yuu’s got one of the best smiles. She may even have the best one in all of Hello!Project. It’s wide, and I think that in part, because of that, she looks genuinely happy. I can say personally that her happy grin is one of the first things I noticed about her.
  • Ogawa Makoto ~ Mako’s smile…is every good adjective that can describe a happy face. Cheerful. Cute. Cool. Loveable.

  • Yaguchi Mari ~ Mari is not just cute when she smiles, in some pictures she’s funny. Just look at the picture above. She looks like a chubby little obasan or something, and the similar picture on her cake just adds to the humor.

  • Sayumi Michishige ~ Like Yaguchi, Sayumi is cute when she smiles. But a different kind of cute. Sayumi is more like the “Wa~ Merry Pink Christmas! Rainbow Pink! I’m a bunny!” kind of cute, and Mari is…Mini Moni style cute? No…but a more sophisticated cute, if that’s possible. Back to Sayumi: In addition to being cute, Sayumi gives off a gentle aura when she shows her pearly whites.

  • Abe Nastumi ~ When I see Nacchi smile, it gives me the impression that she really likes what she does. She also looks really “sunny.”

  • Chinami Tokunaga ~ Chinami’s smile is very different from a lot of the girls in the Hello!Project, but that’s not a bad thing in the least! Overall, she looks sporty and boyish, and her smile just highlights those qualities.

  • Aya Ishiguro ~ Aya is what I think of as one of the three “forgotten musume.” In addition to Asuka Fukuda and Sayaka Ichii, not a lot of people know much about Aya, she’s rarely mentioned, and isn’t in the idol/music/acting/etc. business anymore. Now, Aya is a full-time mom and has written a couple books, her most recent in October 2007. Anyways, about Aya’s smile. In her Morning Musume days (left), Aya seemed cool and laid-back when she smiled. Now (right), I think she’s more cheery and happy. Whether you’re looking at a picture of her in 1997 or 2007, Aya’s smile is beautiful.

And now…for the bad. =/

  • Natsuyaki Miyabi ~ Miyabi, Miyabi, Miyabi. What are we going to do with you. You have nice teeth, but your smile…it looks like your mouth hurts or something! It’s :D, not []: . You’re not Domo-kun. Please do try to grasp that concept…

  • Risako Sugaya ~ Ohnoez, another Berry on this list! Risako knows how to smile (unlike certain friends of ours…), but she seems mean when she does. She seems mean when she doesn’t too, but…. It looks like she’s laughing at a person, and trying to hold it back. She smirks. Come on, Risako, what’s so bad about looking kind in a photo for once?

  • Kago Ai ~ Kago has potential to have a pretty smile, but…her teeth just ruin it. They’re all yellow and gross…that’s what smoking does to you, Aibon. 😦


  1. Xacur said,

    Aibon went this week to the dentist XD
    She’s my favorite and I’ve always liked her smile, but yes too much cakes and cigarettes make your teeth yellow.
    I think that can’t be a more sincere smile than Aibon’s. But I like Ishiguro Aya and Yuu’s smiles.
    I liked your article, this was the best thing I read today, thanks for it.

  2. aiwish472 said,

    @Xacur: That’s good that she got her teeth cleaned. 🙂 XD
    Aibon’s cuteness makes up for her teeth, I suppose. Hehe.
    I’m happy you enjoyed the article. ^_^

  3. Amber said,

    Yeah, Risako always just looks arrogant.

  4. Andra said,

    It’s true that smoking makes you teeth look bad so Aibon’s teeth may be more yellow than the others’ but I think it also depends also from the choice of photo. I’m sure all these girls teeth are always made digitally whiter when it comes to the official photos. Nobody’s teeth can be so shiny naturally! Most people’s teeth bone is yellow naturally after all, not white. But it’s not a bad thing that they make it look whiter – it’s nicer to look at. 🙂

  5. The Villa said,

    I would like to say please do not judge Aibon because of that incident. She really does have a pleasant, friendly smile. And maybe it’s the lighting that makes teeth look a different color during a photoshoot. Sure she smokes and bless her health for it, but really she’s no different from how she was during her time as a morning musume member and in a way she’s no different from you and I. She’s still the same Aibon we knew and Adore!

  6. Meiko said,

    aibon’s smile isn’t bad….it’s still the same happy smile! it’s cute! but yes she shouldn’t have smoked! i want aibon back!

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