April 13, 2008


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My favorite member in all of Hello!Project has her 23rd birthday and I don’t write about it on the day.

This post is going to be special. It has to be.

I remember when Hitomi joined all the way back in 2000…

Actually, I don’t. I wasn’t a fan of Morning Musume until 2006. But Yossie was so cute back then. ^.^

The first time I noticed Yocchan was in my first MM video, which happened to be Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (even though I became a fan more around the time Chokkan 2 was released). She was energetic and had such a great smile.


Everyone around her seemed not only happy to be around her, but drawn in. I later learned about the “pimpwolf” side of Yossie and the wonderful world of YoMako. (And YoMiki and IshiYoshi.)

↓ Her face in her suit. XD

Aside from her beauty, why else could several Morning Musume members love Hitomi so much? I know that one of the reasons that I look up to her is her sense of humor. This girl has been in more Hello Morning skits than anyone else, doesn’t that say enough? Yossie can make a joke out of nearly anything that’s not super-serious. I remember the time all the way back in…some…year, when she and Gomaki did the rappers skit. “Konno Asami wa Konkon!”, she said with a straight face as I laughed at my computer screen. That’s always been one of my many favorite skits.

What other reasons? Yossie’s a leader, through and through. When she became leader of MM she had several years of experience under her belt, and despite Mari’s quick departure, seemed to adjust to the position easily. Even after her brother died – may he rest in peace – Yossie continued to give all the effort she had. She lost a lot of weight, but continued to fulfill her duty.

Her singing voice is certainly unique. Unlike many other voices in Hello!Project, Yossie’s voice is a little bit deeper, a little bit smoother, a little less squeakier. She’s not the strongest vocals, but she’s certainly up there, and much better than some of her fellow MoMusus.

Since she left Morning Musume, I haven’t followed Yossie very well. It’s probably because I’m not really into Ongaku Gatas. I like them, but…I don’t follow them. If that makes sense.

I don’t want to let go.

I want to continue being a fan of Hitomi Yoshizawa.

She should do more.

Yossie is so many things.

So many wonderful things.

She can be anything she wants to be, and look superb doing it.

Don’t forget – I love you Yossie, no matter how horrible some of your costumes are.

Happy birthday, Yossie. ♥


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  2. ritzel said,


    i agree what you say bout yossie,,
    month of may year 2009 i don’t remember exactly but thats the time when i first saw yossie on the youtube,..actually the topic there is about sayumi,but when i saw yossie though that she’s have something that i can’t explain at that time..

    then,i just caught my self searching all about her..
    her name,talents favorites ect..
    i came to love all about her..
    she’s one of a kind..
    she’s unique!!
    daisuki yossie!!

    im glad we have a common talent
    i can make a friendship bracelet
    just like yossie made
    on her dokyu.

    i watch her video every day
    even though i can’t understand their language
    and now thats the reason why i like to study japanese language

    i can say that i came to know yoshizawa hitomi
    because i love to watch anime and read manga(comics)

    i hope that someday i will meet yossie in person..
    i have cousin and auntie in japan
    and hope to see them too..

    if ever who’s the lucky guy that will loved by yossie??
    surely yossie baby is cute…hehehe…

    love love love yossie!!

    sorry for my bad english or wrong grammar
    im not english speaking person
    (i am a fan of yossie filipino)

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