April 2, 2008

Tsunku’s a Genius: The Aftermath of his Idea, Part One (Review)

Posted in Hello!Project, Milky Way at 9:02 am by aiwish472

I wrote earlier:

“Sayaka is so awesome and adorable in the new PV! If you don’t go watch it now I’ll make you eat Milky Way candies for the rest of your life! (That’s how important this is.)”

Anataboshi. What is there to dislike about the new song and video? A couple things, perhaps, but let’s focus on the positive for now. Anyways… if I can tolerate Koharu, then this must be pretty damn good. Maybe Sayaka distracted me throughout the whole thing. She was so cute in the video, and I love the sound of her voice now more than ever. Yuu was great too!

The song has an international sound in it. Some people say it’s like Koharu’s “Balalaika.” I have heard “Balalaika,” and I don’t think they sound too similar, aside from the international themes. “Anataboshi” is more upbeat, and while “Balalaika” has an Eastern European feel to it (a balalaika is a 3-stringed Russian instrument…), “Anataboshi” sounds more Scottish (hear the bagpipes?) or even Irish. Right after I listened to “Anataboshi,” it was stuck in my head. But I kept wanting to listen to it more, despite that! =D

The PV appears to be made of three shot, like a lot of Hello Project PVs before now. This video has a dance shots, a close-up version, and another version (Hoshi version?) where the three group members are looking up from a glowing star.

While the background in the video may seem like a green screen at first, take a closer look and it actually seems like they used a set for some of it. The buildings in the background look like they are real objects. The best part about this video is that despite the fact that it looks somewhat low-budget, (whether the background is real or not) it’s still a good PV.

The only negative thing I find with this video is that of the solo shots, it’s 2/3 Koharu and 1/3 Sayaka and Yuu. Of course, it’s a marketing strategy — put the popular member in front, yadda yadda yadda… if Milky Way is not just a one-shot group, I want to see more of the two Eggs. No, scratch that. I want to see more Sayaka and Yuu (especially Sayaka) no matter what group they’re in!

Overall, I am very pleased with this song and PV. The song is catchy and has a fun vibe to it, and the PV is cute and cool. I’m now even more excited for the “Anataboshi” release!


  1. Magi-Kat said,

    You’re not the only one who feel this way.

    Go Milky Way! (That “I’ll make you eat Milky Way candies for the rest of your life” threat is also cute, not to mention clever).

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