March 14, 2008

Support ARK (feat. Morning Musume!)

Posted in Hello!Project, Morning Musume at 12:04 am by aiwish472

They have cookies! And lots of lines! And screen time! And white outfits instead of just black!

So like the other 90% of the Morning Musume lovers population, I am disappointed with the new PV for Resonant Blue. It’s not because it looks like a dance shot version, as some have noted — Tsunku said another version would be released later. (Remember the Pink Version before the regular PV for Jaja Uma Paradise, anyone?)

No, I am upset because this is not a Morning Musume PV. It’s an ARK PV. (Or KAR or RAK or KRA, depending on your preference. ^__^) ARK stands for Ai, Reina and Koharu. After all, that is what this video and song is supposed to be all about, right?

The PV is kind of like this:

Ai shot! Reina shot. Group shot for about half a second. Koharu and the backup dancers come out of nowhere.

Oh, I forgot to mention that ARK even has backup dancers! Their names are Eri and Risa. Say hello, Eri and Risa! =P

(Do try to ignore those people in the back (Morning Musume?). They’re just four random people who the UF*holes decided to add there for special effects and such. ^__^)

But Ai does not approve.


Okay. Hold it right there! I’m not upset because my two favorites are the backup dancers (Eri, Risa). I am disappointed that this is not looking like a group. How could it be when four out of the nine members (Mitsui, Michishige, Junjun, Linlin) are those barely visible shadows in the background, two others are slightly more visible, and the remaining three take up almost all the screentime? It’s so clear when the three are all wearing white against black.

One of them doesn’t even fit the right mood of the video.

Koharu needs to stop acting so overly happy. This is NOT Kirarin Revolution, honey. It’s “Resonant Blue,” do you see? It’s one thing when Kamei and Niigaki smile, they need the attention (I suppose…also, they aren’t 30% of the video.) But Mediocre-chan….

It may be a marketing strategy, but this video is more unreasonable than Natsumi Musume in 1998, which it has been compared to. In 1998, all the girls got lines! All the girls got screen time, and none of them stayed in the back during the whole PV while wearing black outfits that matched the background!

To conclude, let’s see some more Gakikame for grins.

*Rant ends now*

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  1. Kar said,

    The really annoying thing is that Koharu is so prominently featured, yet she does hardly any singing. And right at the beginning, I thought Mitsui was Sayu. You can only see JunJun and LinLin clearly like, once. The song is good, but I can create a better PV with a handheld camcorder and Lego pieces.

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