March 5, 2008

Tsunku, I officially proclaim you genius.

Posted in Hello!Project, Kikkawa Yuu, Kusumi Koharu, Milky Way, Sayaka Kitahara at 8:16 pm by aiwish472

There’s a new group that’s going to be releasing music in the world of Hello!Project. Unfortunately, it’s going to contain Koharu, and it’s going to be for Kirarin Revolution too. BLEGH. D:

But you know what? I don’t hate this unit, despite all it’s Kusumi and Kirari-ness. In fact, I love this new group. I’ve already decided that I’m going to buy all of the singles they release. And it’s one person that I thank for that.

Sayaka Kitahara is in this group called “Milky Way” and because of that, I love it. Saaya is my favorite egg, and my fourth favorite in all of Hello!Project (After Yossie, Mako, and Maki. More like third, now that Maki has left, actually…).

Sayaka will also be with Kikkawa Yuu in the unit. I like Yuuchan too, so I’m happy to see her finally make a debut! She has a really good voice.

In other HaroPro Eggs news: Mano Erina is getting a solo career, and graduating from Eggs as well as Ongaku Gatas. It seems like more and more eggs are coming out of their shells…I hope Anri Tanaka and Akari Saho are next. ❤

2008 is a good year so far, which is a sign of hope after scandal-filled 2007. In addition to what was mentioned already, there are new plays, one with Morning Musume and another with Miki Fujimoto! I look forward to everything else that happens, now.


  1. […] Tsunku, I officially proclaim you genius. […]

  2. I’ve really hoped for Sayaka. She has that elegant angular look, like Miyabi, but my bet is that she will be exotic and outstanding with Kusumi to bounce off of. I must confess not knowing a lot about Yuu, other than she was by far more attractive as a new Momusu than was Aika, who was picked. Here’s to Milky Way, and may the stars shower upon us all.

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