January 27, 2008

One down, only so many more to go….

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I’ve been thinking about the future of Hello!Project a lot lately. With low-selling singles, disappointing music being released in the next couple months (C-ute’s next single), releases being postponed (Morning Musume’s next one), and more and more artists leaving every few months, it’s hard for fans like you and I to really comprehend, let alone accept, what is going to happen in 2008.

(Alright, so that last part was a bit exaggerated… )

And just when I was thinking about when Melon Kinenbi is going to disband (which is hopefully not anytime soon), something else happened.

Biyuuden will be disbanding in June of this year.

This was a shock to me, as Biyuuden is one of my second favorite favorite Hello!Project groups.

I really like the music they put out for the music. Not the fanservice (blegh), not their photobook (although it wasn’t bad), not their PVs, TV shows or concerts (but Magical Biyuuden was pretty damn awesome…).

The breakup could be due to poor sales, or maybe they just have other things in mind for the trio. However, this is important because it means less of one of the most well-known and admired H!P girls: Rika Ishikawa.

Rika joined Morning Musume in 2000, along with fellow Yokkies (?) Hitomi Yoshizawa, Ai Kago, and Nozomi Tsuji. She was loved not for her voice, which was always seen as below-par, but her cuteness and narcissistic personality.

Since she joined Hello!Project, Rika has been in more groups than any other member — a total of 15, among them Tanpopo, DEF.DIVA, Country Musume, and, most recently, Ongaku Gatas. Her biggest project has been Biyuuden.

Rika lead Biyuuden (also known as Biyuden, v-u-den, vu-den, or 美勇伝) in August 2004 after she left Morning Musume. Erika Miyoshi and former Hello Pro Egg Yui Okada joined her.

Biyuuden has released since then nine (soon to be ten) singles, one album, and one best-of album. The first single of theirs was Koi no Nukegara. This was also their best selling single, totaling 33,250 copies sold. Their most recent single, Jaja Uma Paradise, is their worst selling single, selling only 10,236 copies.

The Biyuuden album, entitled Suite Room No. 1, sold 16,386. It was released in October of 2005.

What lies in store for Rika, Yui, and Erika? Rika will most likely be continuing with Ongaku Gatas. Yui and Erika may be thrown into a one-time group, stay around as “solo artists,” or some other Tsunku surprise. Although I do not want to see them go, I am curious to see what will happen with Hello!Project’s number one trio – Biyuuden.

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