January 1, 2008

Ew ew no no NO! They’re doing it all wrong!

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Morning Musume dissapointed me for the 2007 Kouhaku. I expected something big and wonderful from them this — well, last year, but no. Their voices sound horrible during this performance. Except Takitty’s. More on that later…

Reina, my favorite member from the current lineup, sounded nasal and too high-pitched (for my tastes, anyways…). My second fave, Risa Niigaki, was practically screaming into the microphone! That didn’t do her any good. =(

Eri sounded semi-cute, but not totally cute. Kind of pretty, but not amazing. Just okay, but not great.

There wasn’t really enough Jun and Lin for me to judge them in this video. =/

At around 1:20-1:23 in the video, Koharu starts doing this really weird dance. Koharu, you suck at singing to begin with. Don’t embarrass yourself further. Speaking of embarrassment, why is Ai pushed at around 0:30? O_o Who did it anyways? *Checks* 

I see now! Koharu shoved Aika, who knocked over someone (I can’t make out their face…it could be Linlin…), who knocked over Ai. I wonder if it was on purpose. Poor Aika/Linlin (or whoever you are =P)/Ai, being embarrassed at one of the biggest shows of the year. ;_; Edit: I learned that the push is something they do in all LOVE Machine performances. Thanks Kar! =)

Aichan made me happy. If it weren’t for Ai, I would be pretty upset with Morning Musume right now. Ai sounded strong and had a pleasant voice.

I think that the person who upset me most was not Koharu, not Sayumi, but Aika. Aika was whining and whimpering the whole song! Blegh. And just when she was starting to grow on me….

I didn’t like the “WHOA WHOA WHOA” parts either. So many were off-key, it couldn’t sound good. -_- (Just look at the people at about 1:20. Pissed much?)

Why LOVE Machine? This isn’t 1999, it’s 2008. Something like “Kanashimi Twilight” or “Mikan” would have been a much better choice for this year. The golden era is over, Tsunku. Get that through your head already. I also didn’t care for the way they transitioned and mixed songs. Koi no Dance Site + The Peace =/= a good mix of tracks.

On to Berryz.

Although Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi isn’t Berryz’s best song or anything, they performed it wonderfully. The only criticism I have in regard to Berryz is that they only did the chorus, instead of one verse and a chorus like MM did. Risako does some a small vibrato for her line, which sounded nice. After Berryz performed, C-ute did.

Like the Koubou (where did I get that? XD), C-ute only performed a chorus. -_- And because of that, the only person with (singing) solo lines was Airi. *Frustrated* That’s the one thing I would change about C-ute, give everyone a fair share of lines, not let Airi sing the whole song. Anyways. Maimi got to do her spoken ending. That was very good as well.

C-ute sounded really nice. After C-ute performed, and after another crap transition melody, everyone -Hello!Project 10 Kinentai, if I’m reading it correctly – did a song together. It was upbeat and had a lot of “la”s. Kind of like Aruiteru on steroids. XD

Overall, Morning Musume did poorly and C-ute and Berryz were good. I hope for better performances in the years to come! (^.^)/

One more last note: Yay for 2300 hits as of January 1st!


  1. Kar said,

    XD If you look at every other performance of LOVE Machine they’ve done, there’s always a bit when they knock each other over.

    They perform LOVE Machine at Kouhaku waaay too much (I think this might have been their third time now). Something like Kanashimi Twilight would have been great.

    C-ute deserved way more screen time, after being the BEST NEW ARTIST (read) in Japan. I…don’t really care for Berryz. XD

    I loved how at the end, practically the whole of Hello!Project came out on stage. Oh, and the other artists on the stage should actually get off the stage faster. They blocked C-ute when they did the shocked face thing during the start of LOVE Machine.

  2. Kar said,

    Oh, I think the song they sung at the end was a song specially written for their 10th anniversary.

  3. aiwish472 said,

    ^Really? I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me! ^.^

  4. GeneRozJamil said,

    Oh, by the way the song they sang with The*Peace! was Renai Revolution 21, because there’s a line that says “Chou chou chou ii kanji”

    And, congratulations, to your blog’s success!

  5. Air said,

    I’m not sure if it’s any revelence, but the person in the middle of Ai and Aika is Eri. ^^;;; I went and searched down a better quality. LinLin is near them. She’s the girl behind Koharu and Aika.

    I was expecting Mikan or Onna ni Sachi Are. I knew if I held my hopes for Egao Yes Nude and Kanashimi Twilight, it’ll be let down. Love Machine is way too overrated. If Kaori and Maki were still there, I think they would have the 10th anniversary group there. But what can you do? If only Aya was there too…

    Did you notice Yurina’s mike went a bit off during her line. Something happened, that’s for sure.

    All the C-ute members are obviously, “Cute.” I must say, I can’t help but like them.. (Considering I just got their 3 major singles and the two albums… within two shipments from YesAsia.. @_@)

    Most people in the audience and everyone else on stage watchng them weren’t enthusiastic about them and with Love Machine. I think they think Love Machine is overrated too. I actually like the Berryz’s new single, but not enough to actually buy it. ^^;;; But not enough screen time for the HPKs. (Or more like, not enough singing time for them)

    But congrats to many hits! ^__^

  6. Erika said,

    I actually loved that performance, XD I must love shit music indeed. ^_^

  7. helloprojectfantasy said,

    I liked berryz but yurina at the end..what happened?
    I agree, berryz and c-ute should of got to sing more of their song! It was way too short!
    I likes the song at the end though that was nice ^^

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