December 8, 2007

เช้า Musume?

Posted in Aya Matsuura, Hello!Project, Maki Goto, Morning Musume at 8:08 pm by aiwish472

For those who aren’t familiar with Thailand, that says “Morning Musume” in Thai – Cháo Musume.

I was taking a look at the Google Trends 2007, and some interesting results came up when I searched Morning Musume.

(Note: To see the full image, right click>copy image location. Paste the location into the URL box, and hit enter.)

Similar results appeared when I looked up Aya Matsuura and Maki Goto.

It was also interesting to see what came up when I searched Hello Project.

You see, Thailand/Bangkok/Thai was mentioned at the tops (within the first 4) of all the lists. I also saw Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia mentioned often. The point is, maybe Hello!Project should expand into Southeast Asia before going to China, Korea, Taiwan, etc., let alone Europe/Canada/USA, because they seem to have a lot of fans there. Way more than they do in Japan, anywho.

(No results were found for Berryz, C-ute, individual group members, Nacchi, or Yuko.)


  1. HarimaKenji said,

    I think a Japanese person wouldn’t look for Morning Musume using romaji. For this to have any statistical meaning, you’d have to look for “Morning Musume” in English and then add that result with the one you get from every other search for momusu spelled in each of these countries national language. At least I think that would put Japan in the top, or this world is just crazy…

  2. aiwish472 said,

    @HarimaKenji: You make a good point. When I searched モーニング娘。, and these results came up:

    So, yes, it is widely searched in Japan too. ^^

  3. Andra said,

    Haha, Finland is on all the lists (that’s where I come from… :)) It’s seems that we are the most interested in them in the whole Europe… They could come here, couldn’t they? 🙂

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