December 4, 2007

A hate post NOT about Ai Takahashi.

Posted in Hello!Project, J-Pop at 5:29 pm by aiwish472

Wow…there have been a lot of posts about Ai Takahashi lately. Some love her for her talent, others dislike her for her many lines. Although she isn’t my #1, Ai isn’t my least favorite member.

This post is all about who is.

Koharu Kusumi is my least favorite member in all of Hello!Project.

To start, her voice. When I hear it, I want to cringe — especially during live performances. Amplified Koharu is not pleasing to my ears.

Why is she called the miracle anyways? She does not have the voice of a miracle. Why Tsunku chose her is beyond belief; I’m sure her audition was the worst “Furusato” he’s ever heard. And if not, it must be pretty close.

She’s such a bad singer, why does her solo career get so much publicity anyways? I wonder what would happen if Coconuts Musume or Country Musume were promoted as much as she is. In fact, why is stupid Kusumi getting all the attention while poor Melon Kinenbi is stuffed in the corner? UFA has their priorities mixed up….

Also, her anime. Her terrible anime. Although I do not like anime, I have watched a few episodes. It’s not good. Nonetheless, she continues to promote it all the time. Here’s one example : There was some Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A a while back, it had to do with animals. What animal you would want to be or something like that. Koharu’s all, “Naa-san from Kirarin Revolution!” *Rolls eyes*

Last thoughts: Kusumi’s not as cute as Kohawota/she thinks she is. Her photobooks are pure pedobait, from what I’ve seen, especially POP. And I also sense an aura of fakeness about her.


I don’t know about you, but I refuse to call that star that doesn’t shine “Miracle.”


  1. Kar said,

    That solo performance Kusumi did of Ai Araba, It’s All Right made me cringe.

    I think Takahashi might be one of my most favourite members.

  2. Xacur said,

    Koharu Rules, she is doing what I thought no other Soloist could after Maki and Aya.
    I don’t understand why so many people hate her. Sayumi is the worst singer and I dont see that much people hating her, Aika is the least beautyful and… wait, but it’s Aika (I don’t hate her).
    My favorite is Risa my least favorite is Aika, my favorite of all times is Aibon, my least favorite of all times is Miki. I think is about personal tastes.
    I love your header, I want that trio in a group, but right now (^^U)

  3. Samantha said,

    I do respect your opinion on the issue and I almost didn’t comment, but one of your points kind of struck me the wrong way.

    Please don’t blame Koharu for the anime. She’s not the one who created it, she was just voicing the character and singing the songs. And I think there’s one of two reasons (perhaps both) that she chooses to promote her anime– 1, the company encourages her do to so, or 2, she honestly feels grateful for having the chance to star in an anime, and she wants to make the best of it that she possibly can. Regardless of the quality of the entertainment, it would just seem rude of her NOT to take pride in her anime. Personally, if I was chosen to sing all the songs and voice a character in my own show, I’d try to get the word out there as much as possible, even if the show wasn’t really that great.

  4. Valentine said,

    I totally agree with everything that you’ve written. Koharu has an extremely “fake” persona. All of her poses seem calculated, which was why I was so happy when Aika turned out to be so real and fresh, especially in “Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!”

  5. Jupernia said,

    OMG someone who UNDERSTANDS!!!

    I just plan out dislike her. She is not a good live singer, and her voice in the studio must have to be cleaned up alot.

    And what one person above said is right, Sayumi is a worse singer..but they don’t give Sayumi as many lines as they give Koharu and Sayumi is not fake. Sayumi is a great filler for harmony, hence why she is there.

    Koharu is just blah.

  6. ella said,

    i dont think sayumi is the worst singer anymore tbh she was to start off with but has improved so much that now i feel her voice is far supirior to koharus’. the reason why i personally prefer sayumi as a person is that she seems genuinly nice, girls can relate to her as she is rather shy and reserved alot of the time and she always tries her best no matter what.
    i believe koharu is extremely fake and i feel her voice ruins alot of mm songs. perhaps she should just be a solo artist? because i realli feel she doesnt suit a group.
    risa should get more lines aswell!
    ai is my personal favourite and always has been =]]

  7. S said,

    Ehh.. I totally agree with you. I hate her too! Shes so fake and now Tsunku is pushing her to the front middle while others (even Ai) is shifted to the side. Koharu goes me an eyesore. Both KOharu and Aika are bad. Theres something about them too I dislike so much. They should be removed from MM.

  8. helloprojectfantasy said,

    takashi is not my fav in hello!project but she has one of the best and strongest voices!
    For koharu.. yes her version on furusato was the worst thing ive heard ever but i think she has improved alot, i especially liked her new single chance and i like her as a solo but in morning musume? I think tsunku could of chose someone better.

  9. ilse said,

    I don’t hate Koharu, but I understand why most people does, she gets the spotlight too much, with almost no talent… sure, Sayu doesn’t sing as well, but she never gets center in any MM song, and she has a better personality than Koha.
    I like Koharu’s solo stuff and anime, but in Morning Musume, she should never be center, better singers like Gaki deserve more attention. Also Eririn, Sayu, and the 8th gen should be given a chance.
    Right now Morning Musume is more like Aichan, Reina, Koharu & their backup dancers. I don’t mind Ai and Reina in the center, since they got great voices… I just think that everyone else could get attention too (especially Gaki).

  10. Kyaruru said,

    Koharu-chan is so damn adorable. But when you get a close look at her teeth and hear her live (yknow without the editing of her voice), you just can’t help but be a critic. And I can’t help but feel that she thinks she’s cute. Have you guys noticed? (It’s kinda hard not to)

  11. hang said,

    Yeah! I’m glad that there are so many people hate Koharu, just like me!!!! I hate her, this girl Koharu always makes me mad>_______< I hate her because she is getting more attention in every mm song… such as Onna ni sachi are, mikan or resonant blue… she is always in center!!! Now, Gaki san is sub-leader but she is like a back- dancer. I don’t like it, especially , in resonant blue gaki san is like a shadow….. Mitsu Aika is not good too, i also don’t like her but she is not as annoying as koharu. Gaki san sings so far better than Koharu but now she is given less lines than Koharu… anyway Gaki san is a 7 years morning musume member, Koharu is 2 or 3 years mm members but Tsunkun called her ” miracle” so he treated this Koharu so well, poor other members, this is so unfairT______________TI like Gaki san so much , but now she is treated so bad so i don’t like listening to mm musume new song… i’m afraid of seeing my Gaki san like that. So I listen to mm old songs, anyway, i still love Gaki but i hate morning musume now…AKB48 also has the same problem, there are some members always stand front but there are many members dance back…

  12. Meiko said,

    it’s not that i hate koha-chan……she get’s too much attention though! i would like to give sayu a chance too! sayu is cute! koharu is just doing her best to live up to tsuku’s expectations! it’s not her fault! she is just doing what she’s told! she’s probably sweating nervous just to fit in the group! although risa and sayu should also get a chance…their awesome! sayu is so funny!

  13. Fey said,

    Okay, compare to Risa and Eri and Sayumi, yes, Koharu does get MORE attention than them.

    What really pisses me off is that back when Yoshizawa Hitomi was leader, Ai and Miki got MORE lines than the LEADER (Hitomi) of MM. I know Ai and Miki have powerful voices, but the other girls (and Yossie) have just as a good singing ability than those two.

    How come some of the comments here don’t see the problem with Reina? Don’t get me wrong, I like Reina too, but she’s a SIXTH Generation member while RISA is a FIFTH generation member. Reina got way more lines that RISA, and you guys are complaining about Koharu getting more spotlight? Being in the center is really not that big of a deal IMO–because I am a heavy believer in EVEN SINGING LINE DISTRIBUTION. So to me, if someone has way too much singing lines than the other girls, they have too much spotlight.

    Too many people hate on Koharu when she doesn’t even get THAT many singing lines. And like I said above, too much ‘Koharu center spotlight’ in PV’s isn’t that big of a deal, unless you like having your favourite MM member’s FACE shoved down your eyes every single camera shot.

    I’m not trying to offend anyone, but this hatred of Koharu is everywhere I go.

  14. Kiry said,

    I like Koharu-san, but only in some songs, not at all. (if you listen Koi Kana, Sugao Flavor or Mizuiro Melody you can see the difference beetween these songs and other songs like Panpancake, Happy, Chance..)
    I think that she isn’t called “Miracle” for her songs, but, maybe for her cuteness, kindness or or just because she’s a good dubber. Of course I like her also because I watch Kirarin Revolution X°°

  15. Joseph said,


  16. Eva said,

    i hate koharu. she gets too many lines and isn’t worth it.
    LinLin and Risa have really powerful voices, and they just have to hide behind Koharu who hogs everything all the time.
    and she doesn’t even LOOK cute, but puts on the cute act all of the time. why can’t one of the members who is ACTUALLY cute like Aika get some attention?

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