November 9, 2007

Morning Musume Goodies for You~

Posted in Hello!Project, Morning Musume at 8:30 am by aiwish472

Whee. I made a special icon/signature set. I used the 10th anniversary Morning Coffee picture.

There is one signature, but there are nine icons so you can pick your favorite member.

These are the icons.

This is the sig.

Credit is appreciated, but not necessary. Enjoy! 😀


  1. HarimaKenji said,

    Credit is *not* appreciated? 😛
    I like the ones with Jun Jun and Reina… Aika’s face should be in the left corner like Lin Lin… Sig is beautiful ^_^

  2. […] Morning Musume Goodies for You~ […]

  3. Hotaru said,

    I really like the sig! Its so nice looking 😀

  4. aiwish472 said,

    Crap, I just realized that “not appreciated” part. ><
    Thank you for pointing it out, HarimaKenji. =)

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