November 8, 2007

Yum. Incomplete Tangerines.

Posted in Hello!Project, Morning Musume, Music at 9:12 am by aiwish472

I really like Mikan. I like everything about Mikan. I like the PV, and I like the song, and I even like the album covers.

The PV has a really nice feel to it, with the rainbows and huge tangerine in the background. It fits with the song. I was upset that Koharu got too much attention, but I put that behind me and when I watched it the second time, I tried to focus on the other members.

The baby pictures thing was very kawaii! Some of the members looked very different as babies, for instance, I could hardly recognize Eririn. But Aika and Koharu looked similar to how they do now! Sayumi was cute with her little hat. ^^ I thought it was really kawaii how in Reina’s baby picture she was doing the whole wonky thing.

The outfits looked nice on everyone. The hairstyles weren’t bad, either (but I must say that Aichan’s hair looked a bit shorter…I know that she got her hair cut, but it looked like she cut it again). Everyone looked great.

Here’s the PV:

I read some comments that the song wasn’t catchy. I disagree! I think this song is very catchy. Just the tune itself is something that I could hum all day. The “Oh~ yeah! You’ve got a chance!” is the catchiest line of the song, but the chorus is the catchiest part, I’d say. I like this song more than the past two singles. When Kanashimi Twilight and Onna ni Sachi Are came out, I was constantly listening, but after a month or so it got really boring. I don’t think Mikan will be like that. Because I really like this song!

As mentioned, the covers to this single are cool too. The Limited A is my favorite.

This is the Limited B:

And this is the Regular Edition:

I really like Mikan. I like everything about Mikan.


  1. Kar said,

    I like the song but I think that of late, but I’m not the biggest fan of the the PV. It’s nice though. The baby pictures were really cute. I thought Junjun was under-exposed. I remember first seeing her like, half-way through the PV.

  2. Xacur said,

    Really nice PV, I hope Tsunku’s deciding letting aside the sexy-style and return to the genki-ish PVs.
    I don’t love the song that much but it’s good, and some things could have made for the dance.
    Still I think it’s the best PV of the year.

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