October 16, 2007


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C-ute never really appealed to me. Well, what I heard never caught on, anyways. I downloaded their 2 Mini~Ikiru to Iu Chikara~ mini album and Meguru Koi no Kisetsu in August, because I had heard so much about them, and wanted to find out if they were all they had been cracked up to be.

I didn’t like the 2 Mini album. Except Tsuugaku Vector.

That’s The Power! came across as annoying and boring. It seemed upbeat, yet monotone. Disco Queen got on my nerves very easily with those lyrics… Disco, disco, d-d-d-disco…. Bokura no Kagayaki sounded like some copy of Biyuuden’s Koisuru Angel Heart. Little did I know, Bokura no Kagayaki came out before Koisuru Angel Heart. And although Yajima Maimi’s voice was very nice (reminds me of Kumai Yurina…), I didn’t like Natsu DOKI Lipstick, either.

As you can see, 2 Mini didn’t leave me with a good impression. And Meguru Koi no Kisetsu was a nightmare! Talk about a huge mess of noises! I listened to it and just hated it. I also disliked Umeda Erika. She didn’t seem cute, so how could she be in a group called C-ute? Quite hypocritical of me, actually, being such a big Kei fan. (Kei was called ugly (I disagree), and I was calling Erika ugly even though she’s not)

And recently, Tokaikko Junjou came out.

Oh my gosh.

This. Song. Is. Awesome!

But wait…it’s a C-ute song. Why does Tsunku decide to write them a good song all of a sudden? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that I now like C-ute. I’ve been keeping Tokaikko Junjou on repeat, downloading their indie singles and full album, and even listening — and liking — 2 Mini.

So the lesson, kids? Don’t judge groups on one song. Or one mini album. =P

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  1. Kar said,

    I was never really interested in C-ute or Berryz Koubou. Their images never really appealed to me.

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